Off Grid Solar System Prices

The system prices below are indicative only. It is essential that customers seeking an official quote for an off-grid system must first have a comprehensive energy audit completed, this is a critical step in the design phase and ensures a system tailored to individual needs. The cost of the audit is refunded if the quotation is accepted.
If the house is in the process of being built an energy audit can still be carried out as long as you can provide information about appliances that you are going to use/have installed and estimates of likely usage habits.

Usable storage* PV array size Inverter capacity** System pricing from Detailed system quote
7.2 kWh 1.56 kW 3 kW $17,790 Quote 1
12 kWh 2.34 kW 4 kW $21,210 Quote 2
14.4 kWh 3.12 kW 4 kW $25,410 Quote 3
19.2 kWh 4.68 kW 7 kW $32,490 Quote 4
24 kWh 6.24 kW 7 kW $36,960 Quote 5
28.8 kWh 7.8 kW 7 kW $44,040 Quote 6
36 kWh 9.36 kW 11.25 kW $50,130 Quote 7

*Using sealed lead-acid battery to 50% Depth Of Discharge (DOD)
** Peak load half hour rating

The prices above are based on systems designed with top quality components: Jinko solar panels, top quality sealed lead acid batteries (up to 15 years design lifespan), Outback or Schneider regulator and Schneider or Selectronic SP-PRO inverter/charger.

The battery storage technology is rapidly changing and the competitive nature of this emerging market also means regular changes to pricing. Please contact us for a quote that can be tailored to your specific needs. Please provide as much information as possible when making an enquiry as this enables us help identify your needs more effectively.

For example:
– Location (postcode)
– Building type/roof type/roof orientation
– When household energy is most used (eg. night/day)
– List of significant appliances
– Average usage (kWh/day)