Hybrid solar power systems are also called “grid-connected battery backup” systems. They are a grid-connected solar power system that also incorporates a battery bank which is used to store excess solar power during the day rather than feed it into the grid at a very low price. The inverter is capable of inverting power either directly from the solar array, or from the battery bank to supply your house. If the battery is full and there are no loads in the house it will export the power to the grid. It is also able to draw power from the grid in order to charge the battery bank if necessary.

There are a number of benefits that a hybrid solar power system can offer. Firstly, in the event of a grid power failure the system can continue to supply power to your house (from the battery bank or the solar array) whereas a standard grid-connected system will not. Another role that a hybrid system has is to reduce grid power consumption during peak tariff times by supplying power from the batteries instead, and then re-charge the batteries using off-peak grid electricity. In this way a hybrid system can significantly help to reduce power bills.

IMG_0945The release of the Tesla Powerwall lithium battery in 2015 has been a game changer in energy storage solutions and has contributed to setting a new price point in this dynamic and rapidly changing industry (“Home battery storage set to ‘revolutionise’ solar industry in Australia: Climate Council” – ABC News 22.10.2015). The benefit of lithium batteries includes their tolerance for deep discharging, they have a longer life cycle compared to traditional lead acid batteries, and are smaller in size yet offer a larger storage capacity. Whilst historically considered a niche product due to price, it is currently an exciting time in the battery storage market as revolutionary new technologies continue to be introduced giving more choice to consumers at increasingly competitive pricing.

IMG_0946The accessibility of hybrid systems is now becoming a more viable option as prices continue to drop and new storage solutions become available. If you are considering adding battery storage to a new or existing system, Bayly Solar can provide you with all the information you require to assist in choosing a system suited to your needs and budget.

A lithium battery solar system recently installed by Bayly Solar:


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