Energy Auditing and Advice on Reducing Power Consumption

With the rising costs of electricity, it is surprising that more people don’t pay close attention to the power consumption of their appliances and look at ways to reduce their energy usage. There are often simple and cost-effective ways to reduce your power consumption that will make a big difference. Even for the energy-conscious, who are already making an effort, sometimes it takes a trained eye and a fresh look at your situation to identify where your power is being used and possible ways to make savings.

Andrew Bayly has completed professional training in conducting home & business energy assessments, which, combined with his engineering background and proven ability to think outside the square, make him the right person for the job of assessing your potential to save energy.

A Bayly Solar Energy Audit & Assessment for home or small business will take around 45 minutes (of your time) on average.  It involves visiting the premises and systematically examining your energy use activities through a series of questions and possibly by taking some measurements where required. The focus of the assessment is primarily on electrical energy, although consideration of gas and other energy sources you use will also be taken into account. Andrew will discuss areas for potential improvement as they come to light during the consultation and he will try to get a feel for which follow-up actions will best suit your specific needs.

After the consultation the information collected about your electricity usage will be used to produce a report outlining where your power is being used, as estimated percentage values for the various activities in which you use electricity. Also contained in the report will be the most appropriate ways identified to reduce your electrical energy consumption. You will be provided with a copy of this report.

The standard price of our Energy Audit & Assessment (for home or small businesses within our region)       $300 inc. GST

If the assessment is being conducted as a pre-requisite to our Off-Grid Systems for Home & Business design & quote, then the price of the assessment is refundable if you decide to go ahead with the quote.