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Price Guide

The following prices are for systems comprising NESL solar panels (10 year defects warranty, 25 year performance warranty), Afore inverters (10 year warranty) and other high quality components. Quoted prices are indicative only. Additional costs may apply where longer than usual cable runs are required, the building is double story, has a flat roof, a steep pitched roof or other non-standard installation circumstances.

Price includes full installation and wiring in accordance with relevant Australian Standards & CEC guidelines. Fees charged by your electricity retailer for meter installation/connection are additional.

We can supply systems of any size or configuration and have access to a wide range of equipment at competitive prices. Please contact us for a quote specific to your needs.

PRICE GUIDE FOR ZONE 4 AREAS (Girgarre, Tatura & Further South)

System size Total system price Rebate* from sale of STCs Out of Pocket Price
3.0kW $7700 $1855 $5845
4.0kW $9460 $2485 $6975
5.0kW $11190 $3080 $8110
6.0kW $12890 $3710 $9180
10.0kW $19360 $6195 $13165


PRICE GUIDE FOR ZONE 3 AREAS (Shepparton, Kyabram & Further North)

System size Total system price Rebate* from sale of STCs Out of Pocket Price
3.0kW $7700 $2170 $5530
4.0kW $9460 $2870 $6590
5.0kW $11190 $3605 $7585
6.0kW $12890 $4340 $8550
10.0kW $19380 $7245 $12135

*Bayly Solar offer an up-front discount off the purchase price of your system when assigning your renewable energy certificates (STCs) to us. The rebate amount is calculated using the current market price for STCs (which was $35 per STC in June 2013). If the market price of STCs changes by more than 10% by the date of installation adjustments will be made to the rebate amount accordingly.

Brands & Equipment that we use


All our systems are supplied with high quality components that are Clean Energy Council approved where required. Some of the brands which we use include:


We usually install monocrystalline solar panels, which have the highest efficiency per unit surface area of the commonly available types of solar PV modules. We install a number of different high quality brands. Which brand often depends on stock availability at the time. All our panels carry a product defects warranty of either 5 or 10 years and performance warranties of 90%, 10 years/80%, 25 years. The warranties are generally underwritten by an insurer such that, if the company should go out of business within the warranty period, the warranty can still be honoured.


Most inverter manufacturers offer either 5 or 10 year warranties as standard and have options to extend this period for a nominal fee upon request.